Step by Step Playing 8 Ball Pool Online

Similarly, I share about 13 Features 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip my version may be useful to you. If you are playing a game is sure to use a stable network in order to avoid Disconnect that will harm you because it will be out of the game and become lost then the coin will belong to the opponent. This game does not require a lot of data quota, only at the beginning of opening and loading of data takes approximately 20-30 MB, and can be played even with 2G or Edge signals. Various features 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip - may be useful

1. Login 8 Ball Pool

At 8 Ball Pool Hack tool by Miniclip login can be done through the site Miniclip games using your Facebook account and the application is already available on Facebook. Sign in using Facebook or Miniclip's all the same it makes no difference, the number of coins and the same level of the account.

2. Install Applications

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip other than the PC application is also available for Android and iPhone.

3. Scratch

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is like rubbing a paper, later if you find three numbers are the same then you will be rewarded with coins according the number.

4. Hi Low

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is a guess big or small numbered balls will come out, in this game you use Money / Dollar virtual.

5 Gift / Send or Request

Now there is also a feature that, that we can give coins and coins on a fellow player asked for this game.

6. Chat Typing

Now to play this game with a minimum bet of 10,000 was able to enjoy a chat feature where we can type in their own words - he said, without having to buy chat. But the heart - the heart do not go overboard and use a polite word for it later could be banned at the game.

Bets Using Coins

Gift of the game is a coin, where you'll also get free coins every 30 minutes as much as 25 coins, and there's also Daily Coin. If you want to get instant and many coins you can buy coins directly.

Total Bet Varies

Coins in stakes ranging from tens to millions of rupiah, of course, it is interesting depending on the number of coins that we have.

No Level Rating (Stars)

Level you are in logokan with stars will grow as you often play, win or lose is still increasing percentage pertambahannya just different course. The highest level I have ever met I think just stuck on 150.

There Tournament

Besides Play Match in this game there is also a tournament which followed four participants and the prize is of course much larger compared with the size of the bet when entered into the tournament.

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