Clash of Clans Tricks for iPod Free Download

iPod Clash of Clans tricks are the same as the Android and iPhone above. A really nice thing about an iPod is that if someone calls you or texts you it will go to your iPhone or Android, leaving your iPod free from distraction. This is key when trying to concentrate on the game.Clash of Clans is a super popular app. However, it’s not just an app, as you probably know. It’s a mega popular strategy game from Supercell gamemakers. Clash of Clans is unique because it takes everything you think you know about strategy games and pushes it to the next frontier. You get to build fortresses, clash of clans best gem hack bases and mighty armies to fight others like yourself who are also on a quest to conquer the realms.

You get to form alliances to fight common enemies and to share resources. And you get wizards and dragons and fairies and such. You surely don’t see that everyday. It’s truly a great escape from reality, but make sure you be careful when looking for Clash of Clans tips. Some aren’t as safe as they seem to be.These tips are similar to Android smartphones. I’ll cover some additional Clash of Clans iPhone secrets.
1. The iPhone screen is slightly smaller than most Android devices so make sure you are focused on the game and don’t have any distractions. If you find it difficult to see everything you need to, consider switching to an iPad or another tablet with more screen real estate.
2. It’s a good idea to focus on defense initially when starting a game. You’re going to want to start by upgrading your town hall and walls to increase your protection. Then you can start to work on active defense, as opposed to passive, upgrading mortars, archer towers and canons.
3. Built close and tight so that it’s easier for your defensive structures such as archer towers to protect your resources. Try to build as many walls surrounding your resources and the outside world as possible.
The tips for iPad are centered around the fact that it is a larger screen than most other mobile devices and will allow you to play with a little more screen real estate. Make use of the larger screen by zooming out to get a bigger picture idea of what is going on. Try to use the iPad when playing Clash of Clans, statistics show for most games that the bigger the screen the higher winning percentage.

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